who_we_areWHO WE ARE

TC Electric, LLC was established in 2005 to operate in the niche market of transit system installations. The company has emerged as one of New York City Transit’s leading transit signal system installation contractors.

Working on the largest, most complex mass transit system in the world, TC Electric, LLC has demonstrated that it has the unique expertise to complete the most complex of projects under budget and ahead of schedule.

The company’s portfolio includes the successful completion of a $109M signal modernization project to replace the 5th and Lexington Avenue Interlockings on the Queens Boulevard Line. The company also worked on a contract to replace stop cables on two subway lines at over 300 locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn that was completed over a year ahead of schedule.  Recently, TC Electric, LLC and its joint venture partners successfully completed the Montague Tube Rehabilitation Project, 24/7 operation with an aggressive schedule.