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Dyre Avenue
Signal Modernization

Signal Modernization

CONTRACT VALUE: $128 Million

The Dyre Ave signal modernization project replaced the signal system of the No. 5 line in the Bronx. This $128M project was executed as a joint venture (JTJ) with Judlau Contracting and J-Track LLC. Civil work included construction of five new structures on the wayside and two new rooms in the stations, plus a new dispatcher’s office. It also entailed two relay rooms and two interlockings: one controlled by a Siemens SSI, and one controlled by a Mitsubishi SSI. To modernize the line, we installed over 120 new insulated joints, 80 stops, 39 negative equalizer locations, 11 switches, 550 wayside pieces of equipment (cases, signs, poles, etc.) and over 4 miles of track (Type 1, 3 and 6).  The job deployed a million feet of cable, over 2 miles of PC tray, 4,000 feet of stainless-steel tray crossing 12 bridges, 600 cubic yards of concrete and 500 tons of ballast. 

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