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NYCT DC Power System Upgrade at
207th Street Yard

Upgrade of DC System

CONTRACT VALUE: $8.5 Million

The project scope included Trolley & Stinger System Installation, New DC Building Construction and Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Systems Installation and associated piping. Work included replacement of DC feeders to the shop, DC power distribution equipment, a pre-fabricated building, replacement of the trolley distribution systems and installation of control and alarm systems for improved safety and reliability. TCE removed and replaced the outdated trolley system, which supplies power for trains within the shop during maintenance. As part of the upgrade, a new DC switchgear house was installed on top of the maintenance shop along with the associated switchgear, controls and alarms. The DC positive and negative feeders were also replaced, and the electrical distribution was upgraded in the facility’s Boiler House. Phasing was critical on this job since all work was done without any outages in yard which operates 24/7. This project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget.

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