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MTA NYCT Montague Tube Rehabilitation

Tube Rehabilitation

CONTRACT VALUE: $115 Million

TCE’s JV team delivered this very challenging project ahead of schedule, which included the construction of major tunnel, track and electrical replacements on an accelerated basis. The project was completed while the tube was shut down, allowing the team to work on a 24/7 basis. The scope of work included demolition of existing and construction of new duct banks, manufacturing and installation of circuit breaker houses (CBH #82, CBH #83 and CBH #91), and installation of new traction power, fiber optic and communications cables. Due to the size and location of CBH 82 & 83, NYCT decided to refurbish the existing circuit breakers. We restored the breakers, provided new relays, and furnished new copper bus bars for the cable to connect to. TCE designed the traction power room to optimize location of bus bars and breakers. CBH 91 had adequate room for new breakers that are the latest in DC traction power technology.

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