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Electrical Power Regulation (UPS) & Back-up (Emergency Generator Systems) 

Power Gen & Distribution

The availability of stable and reliable electrical power is essential to providing and maintaining our transportation and utilities infrastructure. Power supply regulation is the ability of a power supply to maintain an output voltage within a specified tolerance given changes to input voltage and/or load.

An uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source (UPS) provides emergency power to a load when the main power fails.   


TCE has installed UPS and emergency generator systems on many of its projects as most of its customer facilities and infrastructure are either mission-critical or directly related to public safety.

Medium and Low Voltage Power Distribution 

Most of our projects entail installation of medium and low voltage power distribution including lighting. We replace existing lighting with new energy efficient LED lighting fixtures, and we install conduits, wiring, switchgear and equipment to meet our customers’ medium and low voltage electrical power distribution needs, including receptacles, switches, instrumentation and controls for HVAC and equipment such as PC networks and security. 

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