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Redundant Power & Electrical Infrastructure Resiliency 

Redundant Power

TCE designs and installs reliable power systems that provide our customers with highly resilient systems able to function in the aftermath of disruptive events. TCE has worked on many post-Sandy rehabilitation projects to provide redundant power systems and a resilient electrical infrastructure. These projects have been driven by hardening initiatives undertaken by transportation authorities and government agencies. Hardening of operational and mission-critical facilities includes:  

  • Relocation of critical electrical equipment and feeders to maximize value of installed systems over the life of the equipment or service. 

  • Installation of secondary electrical service feeders. 

  • Relocation/re‐routing all essential electrical distribution equipment. 

  • Provision of secondary utilities (electrical services).

  • Transfer of loads to equipment above the designed flood plain. 

  • Configuration of electrical services and distribution equipment to comply with flood mitigation requirements. 

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